Alarms for Kids

When it comes to choosing alarm clocks for kids there is plenty of choice. Alarm clocks for children are available in some very bright, eye catching colours and the main benefit of them is that many serve as teaching aids as well, which is great for parents.

They not only teach your children to tell the time, but the kids learn when its OK to wake up and get out of bed. Many of the alarm clocks for kids I looked at also tend to grow up with the child, meaning some kids clocks can be used as normal alarm clocks when the child has outgrown the teaching functions.Alarm Clocks For Kids – Three Examples
Take the Onaroo Teach Me Time Nightlight with Sleep Trainer and Time Teaching Clock for example. This alarm clock will teach very young children when its time to wake. And parents can change the nightlight settings so that it changes to green (OK to wake) at a time to suit them. As the child gets older you can disable the colour changing option if you wish.
By that age the child will probably want to use the clock as a fully functional alarm clock with a snooze button, just like their parents. The Onaroo Teach Me Time alarm clock teaches a child the time in analogue and digital formats. There are even five different levels of difficulty to test the child’s understanding further.
The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is for children of 2 years and older. Again, its usefulness grows with the child so that when the early learning objectives have been reached, of telling the time and learning when to get out of bed, older children can use the clock as an ordinary alarm clock. This model has a clock face of stars which come out at night and, as the night progresses, the stars become fewer only to disappear completely with the arrival of daylight. The screen brightness is adjustable, and so it serves as a nightlight as well. The Gro-Cock Sleep Trainer comes with a storybook.
The Crayola AM FM Alarm Clock Radio is a little different in that it allows the child to wake up to a voice message of their own choosing. There is a ten second voice recorder. This is in addition to the choice of being woken up by the radio or by an alarm buzzer. There is a gradual wake system and a snooze button. As well as having interchangeable parts this alarm clock automatically changes the colours of the nighlight.
These are just a few examples of alarm clocks for kids.


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