About Dan Ballo

Hello, my name’s Dan and I have a passion in everything to do with babies.I love reviewing the latest infant products, reading baby books, researching all the latest information on child care……and of course, helping parents get their baby sleeping better at night!

It seems a while ago now, but my baby boy used to suffer with some serious sleep problems and woke up several times a night I didn’t know what to do It was so painful to constantly pick him up from his crib every night and wipe away his tears.I read different baby sleep books, tried different products, looked for answers on the internet, but I experienced weeks of sleepless nights without any progress.Some of the methods seemed too strict, where as others just expected you to get on with it and accept the situation.Fortunately, I eventually found a solution and things improved dramatically.

At the start of 2014, I decided to set up Best Baby Sleep as I figured I would share what I knew with parents who were struggling to solve their baby sleep issues.The number of visitors to this site has really grown and I’m really pleased to have helped so many moms and dads get their sleep back!Here are a few things which I believe in when it comes to baby sleep…Using a Cry It Out (CIO) method can be effectiveI know many people are against this approach, but a non-CIO method just didn’t work for me at all. I’m not saying you should spend hour after hour, hearing your baby screaming and crying every night.But this method works, and you can use it in a softer way to make the process easier for you and your infant.If you want to try baby sleep training…..you need to be committed to it and give it some time to see resultsGod, I sound like an army general don’t I? What I’m basically saying is that your baby can develop certain habits with sleep and trying some new strategies for just one or two nights is generally not enough time to see real progress.What do I do when I’m not working?I enjoy running, two or three times a week (my goal is to run the London Marathon one day!). And like most girls, I like shopping…I have, shall we say, a “sizeable” collection of shoes (which drives my hubby mad) But to be fair, I have cut down a lot since my baby came on the scene!


Author: danballo

I am a photographer from Connecticut hoping to make it big in blogging

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